The Voyage Senior Living

Welcome to the Voyage!

When we first opened the doors as River to River Residential Communities, our goal then, as it is today was to provide safe, affordable living options for seniors in a convenient location with exceptional amenities to make their stay enjoyable. Now with 5 facilities in Southern Illinois, we offer a wide range of living options for seniors complete with a 24/7 professional staff ready to serve resident’s unique needs. 

 Wonderful changes are underway!”

While our organization has grown in an admirable manner, there have certainly been growing pains along the way as well.  As new facilities opened, our sole focus was, as it should be, on serving seniors and meeting the objectives of our core mission.  Period.  The resulting consequence was that little, and some times no attention was given to the long-term needs of our organization’s Brand.  In many ways, the evolution of River to River Residential Communities has made it more clear than ever that a change was desperately needed.  Our mission is to serve seniors, but our ability to serve is based on first reaching those very people.  Far too long has our organization’s name been confused with relays, trails and a multiplicity of other entirely-unrelated endeavors.  A bold change was needed, and it was apparent to our organization’s leaders that we must now evolve to continue moving forward. As a result, River To River will ring in the New Year with a new Brand.  The Voyage Senior Living!  

The Voyage is the result of nearly a year of planning and coordination with administrators and Brand professionals. It was chosen to symbolize the continuance of life, not the completion.  It was chosen to symbolize all of life’s wonderful surprises; its ups and downs and everything in between.  It also pays homage to the Anchor, which is core to our mission as well as each of our facility’s close proclivity to water (The street of our corporate office is on Sandbar Lane for example).  Perhaps most importantly is the simplicity of the name, which in the Southern Illinois region will be far, far less likely to be associated with anything other than our organization itself.  

There will certainly be some struggles ahead as we welcome in The Voyage, but the destination will certainly be worth the journey.  Wonderful changes are underway!