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The Anchor of Marion is our state of the art Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care Community. This community was designed with the utmost thought to the dementia resident. Our staff is trained to help the dementia resident
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"This is a wonderful place. You never have to want for anything. We have food, housekeeping, laundry, etc. It's more than just a home. You're accepted into the community like family and I'm so happy here."

Zetta R. Resident

“I had an aunt Vera who lived in Hurricane Creek at the time. When they built this building and had an open house, I was curious if they had improved on this building. Yes they had and so much. Little did I know I would be living here one day!! My husband had passed away and I started having seizures. Little did I know - as the saying goes, “You don’t know what lies around the corner”. The office people here are very caring and concerned for us. I have close friends here too. We talk and laugh. The cleaning people do a good job. They care too. The Maintenance people do good too. We have some sweet people and caring people that live here. We are truly blessed.”

Patricia Kraniewski

“Lawn is mowed and trimmed once a week. Laundry is done by staff weekly. Also apartment is cleaned weekly by staff. We get three meals a day and snacks. We get taken to doctors appointments. Also games and activities are provided. The facility is clean and nicely decorated. It always smells good. The staff is very kind, helpful and caring.”

Wanda L. Gibbs

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The mission of The Voyage is to S.E.R.V.E. by providing the highest quality of care in residential communities. Safety, Empathy, Respect, Values & Encouragement.