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The Voyage has been serving seniors in Southern Illinois for more than twenty years. The Voyage began with one small community and has now grown to seven communities at four locations and two independent living complexes. Our passion has always been to serve the senior in need; not only physically and emotionally, but also financially. We work very hard to make it possible for all income levels to live in a comfortable and home-like setting. Our private apartments allow for the resident to live both independently and yet still receive the supports they need, at any time of the day or night. At The Voyage, we see each resident as an individual. We work with the resident and their family, to meet their needs based on what supports they want and what we feel they need. Each resident has the choice to make their own decisions regarding the care they are receiving from our staff. Therefore, our individualized care plans can change on a daily basis.


The Voyage played an intricate role in establishing the BRICS program with Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. We have since implemented this program throughout all of our communities. Our team of behavior analyst is available for all our residents that present with difficult behaviors from dementia. This team not only works with our residents, but also trains our staff on how to react and minimize triggers that may contribute to unwanted or difficult behaviors. We have found that addressing these behaviors immediately can extend a resident stay up to 18 months and enhance their quality of life.

"We recently moved my 87 year young great-aunt into The Voyage Assisted Living. I cannot say enough good things about her one bedroom apartment, the amenities and Sam for assisting in the transition process for Aunt P. Both Aunt P and our family are highly satisfied with everything encountered from the initial tour to her first week as a resident."

Mary Sniderwin

"This is a wonderful place. You never have to want for anything. We have food, housekeeping, laundry, etc. It's more than just a home. You're accepted into the community like family and I'm so happy here."

Zetta R. Resident

“I had an aunt Vera who lived in Hurricane Creek at the time. When they built this building and had an open house, I was curious if they had improved on this building. Yes they had and so much. Little did I know I would be living here one day!! My husband had passed away and I started having seizures. Little did I know - as the saying goes, “You don’t know what lies around the corner”. The office people here are very caring and concerned for us. I have close friends here too. We talk and laugh. The cleaning people do a good job. They care too. The Maintenance people do good too. We have some sweet people and caring people that live here. We are truly blessed.”

Patricia Kraniewski

“Lawn is mowed and trimmed once a week. Laundry is done by staff weekly. Also apartment is cleaned weekly by staff. We get three meals a day and snacks. We get taken to doctors appointments. Also games and activities are provided. The facility is clean and nicely decorated. It always smells good. The staff is very kind, helpful and caring.”

Wanda L. Gibbs

“First of all, I don’t like this place, I love this place. Its like home in so many ways. The staff is like family. Caring, professional, and loving. The food is great and healthy. There are snacks all the time. It is clean and smells good and I was able to bring my dog with me. I thank everyone at the Voyage Senior Living.”

Belinda New

"My mother has been a resident of The Voyage Murphysboro Campus since 2018, so I am very familiar with the staff and the facility. You can have the nicest place around, but it’s the people who dedicate themselves to taking care of residence that make the difference. It has been my experience that the staff exceed all expectations. They really care about the residents and go the extra mile to help as best they can. So if you’re looking for an assisted living facility in our area you have to give The Voyage Senior Living serious consideration. Remember, it’s the people that count."

The Family of Jean Muckleroy

"The Anchor of The Voyage Senior Living is truly a home in every definition of the word. The Anchor was a place where my mother could live her remaining years as a member of a family of caretakers. The home is cared for in a way where anyone of us would feel comfortable living there. The Anchor staff do not just see their work as a job…they saw my mother as a family member and cared for her as if she was their own mother. As her daughter, I was considered a vital part of her team and my wishes were welcomed and taken seriously. My mother was allowed the dignity to pass on peacefully according to her wishes and surrounded in love by her adopted family."

The Family of Renee Norman

"I would like to offer my sincere appreciation for all your help and support you have given my father over the past four years. You have gone above and beyond in your duties of caring for him, and others like him."

The Family of Lee Phemister

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The mission of The Voyage is to S.E.R.V.E. by providing the highest quality of care in residential communities. Safety, Empathy, Respect, Values & Encouragement.